Pure water
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Bottled & Sachet Pure water manufacturers


Drinking Bottled Pure water

Bottled Pure water for Homes & Offices 

                                                                      Bottled and sachet drinking water

 We are one of the manufacturers of bottle and sachet drinking water in Nigeria.

Drinking water must be free of suspended solids, microorganisms and toxic chemicals. Mineral concentration recommendation vary from country to country but most of the minerals have a maximum concentration recommended to ensure safe, equilibrated and pleasant water to drink.


Drinking water standards are set by NAFDAC.

Drinking Water Plants

Our latest technology based water treatment plant finds application to clean the raw water drawn from bore well .Water is treated by the reverse osmosis plant to make it consumable. The treated water can be used further for drinking and domestic purpose.


We manufacture and supply finest Bottle and Sachet drinking water to our numerous customers. We use latest machinery and equipment to offer a world-class array of Drinking water. Our expert quality controllers check the water on the basis of the well defined parameters which are used by various top companies.